Exciting Summer at Muses Acres

Lots has been happening here at Muses Acres since school let out in Mid-May (Gary and colleges). Gary spends lots of time watering our grass, flowers and vegetable garden, since rain is beyond rare. We did get 5 meals ( 5 ears each meal) from the corn and even now in late June we have tomatoes, peppers and some spices. Eating tomatoes as you pick them is fabulous!

June second I had surgery on my right foot which grounded me for three weeks! Not being able to drive was very difficult. And two days after the surgery, I started on my new HGC Diet. I figured if I was stuck at home all the planning and grocery lists could be made up. Amazingly enough the foot has healed great and the diet is working beyond my wildest dreams. Gary has been very supportive (which is great). I now weight less than I have for about 30 years. So far I can’t see a change but as long as the scales tell it’s happening I’m over joyed.

Haylee attended a Fairy Dance Camp for three days. She had a great time and is dancing all the time now. This was her first dance experience. Here she had gotten her Pixie Stik.

Haylee at Fairy Camp

Haylee Fairy Dancer

Beyond my dancer, day school and dealing with the heat I guess it has been quieter than I thought.

I hope to get back to working on my rock garden soon. Tommy has brought home some more rocks. Some are so beautiful I must figure out how to place them for best effect.

Most of the birds around now are summer residents. We have had several batches of Swallows. They are working 4 nests around the house now. Our Black Bellied Whistling  Ducks, who have been absent for several years have returned to the pond. We still have a few Hummingbirds, that chose to stay around. The Cardinals are raising their young fast and furiously. We love to watch the birds and the crazy squirrels. There have even been several tiny green tree frogs around lately. Hope they don’t become someone’s lunch.

So drop by Muses Acres and sit a spell. The breeze in the shade makes the outdoors almost bearable.


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Muses Acres’ Rock Garden

I got the “Go Ahead” from the Boss (Gary) for the construction of my rock garden. My Daughter, Renee and her husband Carl even started the digging on the site.

You need to understand this rock garden is truly a Rock Garden. I have a large amount of petrified wood, large and small pieces, as well as lots of quartz crystals. These will be used to fill the medium size area on the slope in front of the white gazelle, that Haylee calls her castle. The area doesn’t grow much and is a run off area, if we ever have rain.

This last weekend Tommy, my son and Haylee, his daughter went to the Hill Country to hunt rocks. We spent one day at a ranch hunting quartz and Topaz. Not sure we found any Topaz, but brought home lots of pretty rocks. It was a beautiful area, but hard work sifting gravel looking for treasures. (I plan to go back by my self and wander around more.) I saw a new bird for me, a Scott’s Oriole. The breasts on these birds glows yellow.

The second day we went to Llano to collect Llanite, which is a hard dark granite with pink and blue sparkles. The only place Llanite is found is in Llano in a long ridge that the road cuts through. So we picked up chunks from the road cut and a few more crystals.

We will wash all the stones and sort them to decide what will go to the Rock Garden and what will be tumbled and possibly a couple of pieces for jewelry.

It was a lot of work but a fun weekend. We even got to play in Lake Buchanan for a couple of hours.

Stay tuned for more on the Rock Garden project.

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Busy Week at Muses Acres

It has been a busy week at Muses Acres as we celebrated Haylee’s 3rd Birthday and Easter. It was great to have all the family here for the festivities. I’m adding some pictures of the fun.

With all this family fun, I also saw a Painted Bunting at my bird feeder. He is beautiful!

Haylee, Cousin Bella and Friend at Bella's BD

Bella's 4th Birthday

Cousin Bella and brother Tyler join Haylee

Heaylee'Haylee's 3rd Birthday

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