Muses Acres Changes

New bird

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

Life at Muses Acres has changed forever this month. Some good changes some sad. Guess that’s just life, but sometimes it isn’t easy.

April brings us two wonderful Birthdays, both granddaughters move up a year.

Renee my daughter threw a fantastic Princess Party at her house for Bella, who turns 4 on the 16th. It was the party of the year! Held early due to other conflicts, but Bella didn’t care. Renee hired a woman who goes by the name of Kiwie to provide face painting and balloon creations. Kiwie came dressed as a mermaid and was fantastic as well as very skilled.

While we were in the Hill Country for the Birthday Party we did some bird watching at Lake Buchanan. Gary tried out his new camera and found a new bird for his list. Turned out there was a pair of the Golden Fronted Woodpeckers and he got pictures!

Haylee’s birthday is the 23rd and we will do a Play Day Park Party. Nothing real fancy especially since Easter is the next day. She has requested a strawberry cake and a chocolate cake. I think I’ll do cupcakes to meet those needs.

Well those are the fun news from Muses Acres and family. Now for the not so fun.

We are in the middle of a huge drought and our pond is suffering. Plants must be watered daily to keep them alive. Burn bans are in place and it is dry …dry…dry.  And there is no rain insight.

The other reason the drought is an issue is digging in this rock hard earth is a major problem. We must dig a grave. On Monday the 11th , Othello our “ten pound puppy” began having a seizure that couldn’t be stopped. I took him to the Texas A&M Small Animal Emergency services and they couldn’t do anything for him. I had to have him put to sleep. So after almost ten years as our best friend, one hundred and thirty plus pound lap dog Othello went to sleep for the last time. I brought him home so he can be buried next to Duke, our other sweet missing friend.

It is hard to loss a good friend, but he was luck enough to be a dog so I could make the decision to release him from the stress of the seizure and fever that burned in his body. We love Othello and will miss him.

As I said, all is life taking it’s turns – growth

Bella's Birthday

Pretty Faces

and death

Kewie Making Balloon Creations

Kewie's Magic

Othello Mr. Cool

Josh and Othello

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One Response to Muses Acres Changes

  1. Renee says:

    I am so sorry for the loss. Othello was a much loved member of the family and will be missed. It breaks my heart to see you guys hurting so much. I am looking forward to coming out for Haylee’s big day!!


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